Chicken Doner Spit

The chicken spit consists of chicken meat slices that have been cut from the thigh. These are then put on top of each other using our in-house plugging process. In addition, there is our special blend of spices, which gives our chicken spit an incomparable taste.

Turkey and Veal Spit

The turkey veal doner spit consists of turkey and veal meat, which is cut into slices and stacked on top of each other. In this process, we use our in-house recipe for the optimal mixing combination of the two types of meat Thanks to our special plugging process and by adding our special blend of spices, this product has an unmistakable taste.

Chicken and Turkey Doner Spit

The chicken and turkey doner consists of chicken and turkey meat, which are cut into slices and placed on top of each other in combination with our special in-house mixing recipe for the two different kind of meat. In addition, our special spice mixture is added, which in turn creates its own taste and enjoyment.

Veal Doner Spit

The veal spit consists of pure veal, which is cut into thin slices. After the seasoning process, with selected natural spices, the slices are cut to optimal size and put on top of each other by our qualified and skilled employees. An incomparable taste is the end result here.

Minced Meat Doner Spit

Our minced meat are being made from chopped meat slices, which are then stacked and formed
into our tasty and hearty end product, due to our special seasoning and stacking recipe.

Kebab Frozen (Convenience Kebab)

Chicken Kebab 1 kg

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Chicken Kebab 250 g

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Minced Meat Kebab 1 kg

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Minced Meat Kebab 250 g

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Frozen Products

Adana Kebab 500 g

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French Fries 5 kg

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Burger 200 g

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Bakery Products

Ustam Wrap 5 Stk.

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Ustam Wrap 18 Stk.

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