Doner Production

New production site in Dillingen

Öz Ustam continues to pursue its goals by taking the necessary steps to turn its visions into reality. In that regard the new planned production facility in Dillingen/Saar is on the company’s agenda right now.

Öz Ustam has set itself the goal of expanding its production capacity. This goal should be achieved by no later than the end of the year, according to the managing director Serdar Bozkurt.

In order to achieve this goal, Öz Ustam is relocating part of its production to a second production facility in Dillingen/Saar. The idea behind this is to optimize and relieve the production process, but at the same time to almost double it. Here in the approximately 1400 sqm facility, 25 new employees will be working and allowing the brand of Öz Ustam to get one step closer to fulfilling its vision.