made by the best

In order to keep the promise of being the best, it is essential to certify to our customers that our company implements its visions and long-term strategies in compliance with EU food laws and its relevant standards and guidelines.

In this context, our products are also produced and manufactured according to the HACCP principles and guidelines and are also certified as Halal.


Quality through Food Safety

Öz Ustam is working and operating according to the HACCP principles since it was founded. This we can prove through by the quality provided by us.

The HACCP food safety system is continuously being applied in our company under the strictest supervision of veterinarians and food engineers, which eliminates possible dangers and quality impairments.


According to Islamic law, the meat of all land animals must be slaughtered according to a certain ritual in order to be considered halal.

We at Öz Ustamguarantee that these laws are strictly adhered to in our production. In addition to that all national slaughter rules and regulations are applied by Öz Ustam constantly, in order to meet and even surpass all standards.

All of our products are therefore Halal-Certified and all regulations are always adhered to with the greatest care.

We assure our customers Quality!

The production of our products complies with the legal requirements and quality standards, and are also enormously exceeded by our in-house work ethic and attention to detail.

The protection of human health and being in compliance with the hygienic regulations have top priority at Öz Ustam, in order to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of our customers.